Laundrex 101

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Product Description

LAUNDREX 101 is a liquid laundry compound with a concentrated blend of detergents, emulsifiers, soil suspending agents, builders, water conditioning agents, and optical brighteners.

GENERAL PURPOSE:  Ideal for many types of industrial and institutional laundry.  It is safe to use on any water washable fabric.

LOW ALKALINE FORMULA:  Contains no harsh alkalies to damage or weaken fabrics.  It leaves no irritating alkaline residues.

LIQUID CONCENTRATE:  Mixes readily and goes to work immediately.  Will not cake in automatic injectors or clog them.

HARD WATER TOLERANT:  All synthetic detergent system.  Performance and rinsability are unaffected by water hardness.  Water conditioning agents help to prevent dull, graying films on fabrics.

BRIGHTENS FABRICS: Special optical brighteners whiten whites and brighten colors.

COMPATIBLE WITH ADDITIVES:  May be used with alkaline boosters, bleaches, sours, softeners, and other additives.